Keyword Genius for Agencies

Only Metricstory offers the full power of Google Ads,
with the speed and ease of Google Search
Starting and managing ad campaigns
is complex and time consuming
We know that it's a problem that gets harder
with scale. More clients and more ads means
more manual effort.
Metricstory is the ad automation
toolkit for Google Ads
We offer the fastest, simplest, most effective
way to amplify your efforts and your clients’ ad

Our Capabilities

Integrated keyword
research with bid
Automated ad creation,
scoring and optimization
One-click deployment
to Google Ads
Extensive reporting
and analytics
30% off for the first three months
The first $500 of ad spend for each account run
free of management fees. After that, agencies
pay a management fee of 3-5% of ad spend.
Let's Get Started!
Automated Analysis
Metricstory's engine analyzes and scores the performance of every search query to efficiently reveal where your account reps can have the biggest impact for your clients.