FAQ : Reasons for No Traffic

I am not driving traffic to my website: 

1. Billing not set up
  1. Make sure your billing is set up in your Google Ads Account
2. Your content needs to be enhanced. If your content is not being optimized it will not have high rankings in the SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages). Some of the reasons your content might not be optimized:
  1. Not the right amount of content: Google’s algorithm crawls your website and if the algorithm thinks the content matches the search query then your ad will pop up. It’s important to have detailed product description.
  2. Poor SEO: This means you need to use the proper keywords. This will ensure that your website pops up for relevant terms in your product descriptions.
3. Not following Googles E-A-T guidelines for content 
  1. Google’s uses three metrics to judge the quality of a website. The three metrics are: who is writing the content  (expert), the content itself (authoritative), and the website as a whole (trustworthiness)
  2. Some of the things Google looks for: 
    i.    Do you have an about us page?
    ii.   Is there contact information?
    iii.  Do you have a terms of service or privacy policy?
    iv.  Do you have reviews, or recommendations?
    v.   Is your content relevant to what you are selling?
4. You may not be spending enough to be competitive for Cost per Click. Here is a helpful link from Google: https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/6297?hl=en
  1. Cost per click is the actual price you pay for each click in your pay per click marketing campaign. The Google Adwords auction works is influenced by you and your closest competitors ad rank, maximum bid, and quality score  
  2. You might not be driving traffic because your budget is too low and not competitive enough for the keywords you are bidding on 
  3. Here is a diagram about how the auction works: